Field Support

Change the approach or expect the same result.

In the illicit massage industry, there is a large gap between those who are being victimized and those bringing traffickers to justice. Traffickers depend on us not closing this gap. If we want to disrupt their bottom line, then we need an approach that prioritizes the backgrounds and experience of exploited workers.

We provide on-the-ground support during IMB network interventions. Our team members apply their industry knowledge, cultural nuance, and language capabilities in order to optimize operations and offer potential victims a safe exit from exploitative situations.

Support includes:
  • Training partners in advance of enforcement actions on unique industry insights, common dynamics of victimization, and tips for improved evidence searches
  • Providing trauma-informed language services (primarily in Mandarin, Taiwanese, or Cantonese), including trafficking assessments
  • Facilitating opportunities for potential victims to access appropriate services, speak with investigators, or safely exit their situation

“The Network worked with us to develop a plan on how best to identify victims during our investigation. Having resources who not only understand the cultural context but understand how culture is used to coerce individuals in these types of human trafficking organizations makes a significant difference. This is what makes The Network’s team so special.”

Sergeant Nick Odenath

Ventura County Sheriff’s Office
Who We Partner With

Our partners include local, state, and federal law enforcement, regulatory authorities, anti-trafficking service providers, and community-based organizations. We believe an effective approach to counter-trafficking requires a network of partners with diverse strengths. As retired four-star General Stanley McChrystal once wrote, "To defeat a networked enemy we had to become a network ourselves."

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