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Human Trafficking in Illicit Massage

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Actionable intelligence to defeat human trafficking

Data and disruption for those on the front lines of fighting human trafficking.

Data Collection

Research & Analysis

Strategic Disruption

From open source information to stakeholder interviews, we uncover data that matters.
We interpret, synthesize, and validate, finding unique connections and opportunities.
We equip partners with insights to hit traffickers where it hurts the most: profit.
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Our Primary Focus

The United States’ multibillion-dollar illicit massage industry.

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“The Network is an invaluable resource to the law enforcement community.”

Dan Nash

Retired Sergeant Missouri State Highway Patrol Human Trafficking Unit
Co-Founder of The Human Trafficking Training Center
How We Partner

Our Initiatives

Landlord Engagement

A high-impact, low-cost initiative designed to hold commercial landlords accountable for storefront exploitation.

Network Analysis

Mapping networks, providing in-depth assessments, and identifying leads to help drive more efficient IMB criminal investigations.

Field Support

Bringing language capacity, cultural nuance, and industry expertise to support potential victims during IMB enforcement actions.
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