Landlord Engagement

Profit in the illicit massage industry is dependent on the storefront. 

It provides traffickers and sex buyers a physical space to conduct business and the veil of legitimacy to do it–in other words, “It’s just a massage.” If we want to stop the money and end exploitation, then we have to deny traffickers this space.

We collaborate with local and state authorities to launch Landlord Engagement Programs (LEPs), a high-impact, low-cost initiative designed to hold commercial landlords accountable for what is happening on their property.

We provide:
  • Data on IMB locations, landlords, and sex-buyer reviews
  • Case study analysis and sample landlord letter templates
  • Training on program design and implementation
  • Ongoing support for resulting IMB investigations, civil action, or alternative regulatory enforcement

“The Network was an incredible partner as we built our statewide program to combat illicit massage businesses in Missouri. With their guidance and assistance, we were able to close 45% of our state's IMBs in just 9 months. We could not have done it without them.”

Alison Phillips

Former Director, Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force, Missouri Attorney General’s Office and Co-Founder of The Human Trafficking Training Center
Who We Partner With

Our partners include local, state, and federal law enforcement, regulatory authorities, anti-trafficking service providers, and community-based organizations. We believe an effective approach to counter-trafficking requires a network of partners with diverse strengths. As retired four-star General Stanley McChrystal once wrote, "To defeat a networked enemy we had to become a network ourselves."

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