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We equip partners with actionable intelligence to defeat human trafficking networks.

As callous as it sounds, most traffickers are in it for the money. In order to defeat them, we start by learning how their business works–how it’s organized, how it operates, and what drives profit. By analyzing a trafficker’s business, we can identify its vulnerabilities, create risk, and strategically disrupt it.

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All of our initiatives focus on the U.S. illicit massage industry.

Data Sharing

Identified IMBs, dot density maps, and other IMB data visualizations at the city, county, or state-level.
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Landlord Engagement

A high-impact, low-cost initiative designed to hold commercial landlords accountable for storefront exploitation.
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Ordinance Reform

Strengthening ordinances, with prevention and enforcement measures, to create inoperable environments for traffickers.
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Tax Evasion & Fraud

Investigating IMB networks as organized crime and charging them with all committed crimes--especially financial ones.
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“The Network has been an essential partner for the Central Ohio Human Trafficking Task Force and our success in identifying and assisting victims of human trafficking in illicit massage businesses. Their team has extensive knowledge of industry trends and consistently provides insight into this criminal activity.”

Sergeant Dana S. Hess

Director, Central Ohio Human Trafficking Task Force
Ohio Organized Crime Investigations Commission
Columbus Division of Police
Who We Partner With

Our partners include local, state, and federal law enforcement, regulatory authorities, anti-trafficking service providers, and community-based organizations. We believe an effective approach to counter-trafficking requires a network of partners with diverse strengths. As retired four-star General Stanley McChrystal once wrote, "To defeat a networked enemy we had to become a network ourselves."

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