Data Sharing

Traffickers love when we don’t communicate.

The less we communicate, the more money they plan on making. But the more we communicate and share, the more informed and stronger our collective response becomes. For us, this all starts with data. Data sharing is the starting point for any strategic disruption of the illicit massage industry. 

We collect and synthesize the online footprint of IMBs in a particular area. Our data services help partners grasp the scope of the problem, inform and prioritize a strategic approach, and measure and evaluate the impact of disruption efforts over time.

We provide:
  • IMB dot density maps at the city, county, or state-level
  • Business information including name, address, phone number, and more
  • Industry growth rate in an area, over a month-to-month or year-to-year period
  • Sex buyer online review details
  • IMB advertisements on popular illicit websites

“The Network has enriched our Lighthouse human trafficking data platform. Their data further enables us to visualize where illicit activity may be happening and the rate at which IMB's are increasing or decreasing statewide.”

Becky Austen

Lighthouse Director, Allies Against Slavery
Who We Partner With

Our partners include local, state, and federal law enforcement, regulatory authorities, anti-trafficking service providers, and community-based organizations. We believe an effective approach to counter-trafficking requires a network of partners with diverse strengths. As retired four-star General Stanley McChrystal once wrote, "To defeat a networked enemy we had to become a network ourselves."

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